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Ramadan Ready with Amasi Decor

The month of Ramadan is finally here and I have been spending this past weekend prepping our home and hearts for the month long of fasting. It's my first Ramadan being married and we really wanted to create new traditions that we can keep for the years to come.

I started looking for inspiration to decorate our apartment and found myself so overwhelmed by all the grand decorated entryways and luxurious fireplace mantels. I wanted something trendy, elegant, but affordable for our apartment to feel cozy and festive for Ramadan. This is when I discovered Amasi Decor which is a small business founded by two beautiful sisters Suha and Saja. They started their company with the idea to create elevated decor to create effortless yet elegant holiday traditions. I will be sharing how I styled their products into my decor and you can use the code "MOMINA15" to save some money on your online order.

What I love the most about Amasi Decor products is that they have a lot of DIY products that you can customize to fit your space. One of my goals when decorating for Ramadan was to reuse and repurpose decor and furniture items I already owned which I was able to achieve with materials from Amasi. I'm so excited to share how I transformed three unconventional spaces in my small apartment to create a beautiful and festive Ramadan environment!

1. Tablescape

This was the project I was most excited for as we usually don't decorate our dinning table. I was a little nervous before starting as our table is very small, but it came together really beautifully. The star of the table is this DIY floral centerpiece I created using Amasi Decor's acrylic crescent topper. I used a gold decrotative vase and some floral stems that I already had lying around the house. I love how elegant it looks, but it was so effortless to put together.

I kept the rest of the table setting pretty simple by using using gold charger plates, ivory linen napkins, and these beautiful Ramadan Mubarak marble dinner plates. And I tied everything together with this elegant eucalyptus garland, white and gold fishtail banner, and tall candles.

2. Kitchen Corner

We have limited counter space in our kitchen but I knew this corner where we normally place our fruit bowl would be perfect to decorate. I added green twine to dress up this wooden tray I previously used on my dinning table and hung up mini gold lanterns using command strips. The star of this corner are these cute mini Mubarak paper cups which we plan on using to drink ZamZam water from. Zamzam is holy water from the city of Makkah and it has a higher content of calcium and magnesium salts which has healing properties. I tied everything together with this DIY Eid countdown sign.

3. End Table

I transformed one of our living room end tables into a Ramadan corner. It's our dream to have a designated prayer room in our home one day but for now, this will do. I assembled the minimalistic advent calendar by taping it onto a foam poster board. I filled each one with dates and my husband's favorite chocolates. I incorporated tasbeehs to remind us to do dhikr when we're lounging on the couch. The metallic garland added an elegant touch and I repurposed this marble tile greeting card for a festive sign. We plan on leaving our Quran's here as well for easy access.

I'm so happy with how everything turned out and I'm so excited for Ramadan to begin. I just wanted to point out that while it is really nice to decorate for Ramadan and get in the festive spirit, it is absolutely not necessary. This holy month is about sacrifice, self reflection, and most importantly it's the time to focus on your personal growth. Even though I don't celebrate the holiday, I always feel an excitement around Christmas and so it's really important for me to make Ramadan feel like that too. Whether you decorate a corner of your room or your whole house, use this month to bring yourself closer to your Creator.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone celebrating, wishing you and your family a month full of peace and blessings!

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