Small Businesses You Should Support

It’s the season of giving and after the year we’ve had, everyone could use a little extra cheer. I wanted to share some items from my favorite small businesses that would make the perfect gift this holiday season. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, it is the perfect time to support small businesses.

1. Sohya Bubble Candle

Not only is this candle a work of art, it smells absolutely amazing. I purchased this solely because of the beautiful design and wanted to use it as home decor. But I was so surprised by the scent when it arrived, I could smell the hints of teakwood when I opened my mailbox! I don’t think I’ll be lighting it anytime soon, but it already makes my room smell better. The best part is that all their candles are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free. You can shop them here.

2. Let’s Eat Cookbook

I discovered this cookbook through Zaynab’s Tiktok page where she shares beautiful videos of her recipes. It is a collection of East-African and Indian inspired recipes and is so easy to follow. I love how simple yet decadent all the recipes are so anyone can use them. I recently tried the kt style kebab recipe from the cookbook and it was delicious. This would make the perfect gift for someone in your life who is new to cooking.

3. Loose Ends & Co

One of my favorite Etsy shops to purchase from. They have a variety of beautifully hand-designed stickers, funny greeting cards, personalized cake toppers and custom designed t-shirts. What I love about this shop is that they can work with you to create custom stationary for any occasion. I worked with them this summer to design custom cards for gift boxes and I loved how they turned out. They have a quick turnaround and fast shipping! Check out their shop here.

4. Nominal

Nominal has grown so much over the past two years, I’m not even sure if this would still be considered a small business. They make beautiful and intricate jewelry inspired by the Arabic language. I purchased from them for the first time in 2018 and since then their quality has just gotten better. From custom necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, and now apparel - Nominal has a piece for everyone. Here are some of my favorite necklaces that you can shop too.

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